Proverbs starting with letter T

There is no royal road to learning

A royal road to anything is a way of attaining it without trouble or effort, since a king's way (the royal road) is always made easy for him. One cannot attain learning – that is, knowledge got by... Read more →

There is no rose without a thorn

A rose without a thorn is synonymous with impossible happiness. However happy we are, there is always some little touch of sadness or disappointment. Cynics may also apply this proverb to the fair... Read more →

There is no pleasure without pain

This may seem a sweeping statement, yet even the drunkard doesn't achieve his pleasure without the pain of a hangover next morning.

There’s no place like home

No matter how humble it may be, home is the place where one feels happiest. The proverb comes from from the famous song Home, Sweet Home, by John Howard Payne: 'Mid pleasures and palaces though we... Read more →

There is no peace for the wicked

We use this half-humorously when called upon to carry out some unwelcome task. 'George,' said his wife, 'we want some more coal in from the shed. The scuttle's empty.' 'There's no peace for th... Read more →

There is no garden without its weeds

Nothing is perfect. Even the best of us has his failings and weaknesses.

There’s no fool like an old fool

This somewhat sweeping statement suggests that old fools are bigger fools than young ones. It is used as a comment on the actions of those we think should be sufficiently advanced in years to know... Read more →

There is no disputing about tastes

No two people have the same likes and dislikes, or do things in the same way, so it is a waste of time to argue about it.

There’s many a true word spoken in jest

Remarks not meant to be taken seriously frequently turn out to be true. For example: 'That's a nice car you've got there, Frank,' said his friend. 'Remember I said as a joke tha I'would buy myself a... Read more →

There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip

Dr brewer recounts the story of Ancaeus, the helmsman of Jason's ship Argo in Greek mythology. 'He was told by a slave that he would never live to taste the wine of his vineyards. When a bottle made... Read more →