Proverbs containing the word Rome

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Rome, with it's fine architecture, couldn't be built in a day. Likewise, important things take a long time and patience to be done. You and me were meant to be Walking free in harmony One fine day... Read more →

When in Rome do as the Romans do

If you are away from home, adapt yourself to your surroundings and to the local customs. Don't expect the people there to alter their way of life just to please you. Lord Chesterfield wrote to his... Read more →

Rome was not built in a day

This proverb teaches patience and perseverance. Important tasks call for a lot of hard work and take a long time to complete. Often the proverb is used as an excuse for delay. 'Haven't you finished... Read more →

All roads lead to Rome

Towards the end of the fourteenth century Chaucer wrote in a treatise on the astrolabe, an ancient astronomical instrument, that diverse paths lead diverse folk the right way to Rome from this and... Read more →